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WEBCOMIC and promotional campaign | SELF-INITIATED | I ONGOING

Sage is the spiritual coming-out story of a non-binary 20-something-year-old. 

While researching for my master's thesis project, I re-discovered a lack of non-binary representation and understanding in both UK and US culture.

Autobiographical books like Maia Kobabe's Gender Queer (one of the most banned books in America) show a clear lack of understanding, fear-mongering and a lack of support for the experience of young gender non-conforming individuals. As a non-binary illustrator, I seek to add to current representation through my characters and storytelling. Sage follows the story of best friends since preschool Summers and Riley Purdy as they navigate early adulthood, gain a greater understanding of themselves, and discover how to chart a non-traditional path in life.




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