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Hi, I'm Logan! 

I am a sketchbook fiend, an American expat, and a funky fresh graduate of the MA Illustration program at Nottingham-Trent University in Nottingham, England.

An avid traveler, I would describe myself as an illustrator who loves exploration and adventure! My work celebrates diverse and gender-nonconforming characters and storytelling that challenges our preconceptions of relationships, gender, and sexuality.

Wild colors, playful characters, and funky textures are found often in my illustrations. My inspiration ranges from 1980s science fiction to my time living in Sweden. I am incredibly excited to begin my career as a freelance illustrator!

I plan to continue telling stories, collaborating with LGBTQ+ and social justice charities/organizations, creating characters, and working within the publishing industry as an author-illustrator.


Let's work together!

Thanks! Message sent.

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